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Company Profile

Focus Jadeline was established in 1999, when Malaysia was hit by the Malaysian economic crisis of 1998.  Our fortnightly report - Data Infocus Construction Watch - that reports on Malaysia's construction projects, was a big hit for building material suppliers since beginning. (Data InFocus is now known as when we went digital online 10 years later). Though not without competitors, our construction reports remain the best value for their customers money.

Construction Market Intelligence

Focus Jadeline Sdn Bhd publishes fortnightly reports on construction projects in Malaysia. The reports, Construction Watch, identify the players within construction developments. Not only the reports prove to be invaluable to building material suppliers, the reports help the developers and building consultants gain better insight and understanding of the industry players. Not to mention a more competitive pricing for building materials, which means costs saving and exposure for their clients.


When we started the company in 1999, the economy was still in a bad shape. You can say that we are a by-product of Malaysia's 1997/1998 economic crisis.

Back then, companies have to tighten their belts in order to survive. Salaries were cut, working days shorten, retrenchment were the order of the day.  Construction industry was in a doldrum.

Every cloud has a silver lining - in the middle of all the turmoil, Focus Jadeline Sdn Bhd came into being.

You see, back then, construction projects slowed down. Most of the players in the construction industry were complaining about the lack of projects to go around. So Focus Jadeline was established to seek out those developments and compile the information in hardcopies.

Now ten years later, the cycle seems to be repeating itself. Still, we are relevant as we were before. A big number of our customers have been with us since we started nine years ago.  We have public listed companies down to one-man-shows subscribing to our reports.  We would like to thank them for their support throughout the years, without them we would not be here today. To our supporters, God willing, we will ride out the 2008 storm together.

And we are happy doing what we do, because we know we help the construction industry by providing valuable information for the sector, and help its growth.

What is
Knowledge is power, and since a big part of is accessible free to everyone within the industry, therefore its a win-win situation for everybody.

What do you think of the construction industry?

Its a cycle. Right now, maybe Malaysia's economy is heading towards the bottom of its business cycle. It will definitely go up again.

Twenty years ago, the global stock market crash in 1987 was partly attributed to over-inflated prices generated by a speculative bubble.

Ten years ago, 1997, Malaysia's currency got a big hit, and tumbled from above RM2.50 to under 3.80 to the dollar, due to, some said, to speculation and over-heating economy.

In 1998, the output of the real economy declined plunging the country into its first recession for many years. The construction sector contracted 23.5%, manufacturing shrunk 9% and the agriculture sector 5.9%. Overall, the country's gross domestic product plunged 6.2% in 1998. During that year, the ringgit plunged below 4.7 and the KLSE fell below 270 points.

In contrast, the year 2008, things appeared to slow down, the growth figure in the second half of the year was being dampened by the higher prices of commodities and fuel. There was no doubt that the rising petrol prices had a big impact on the overall property market, which was going through a tough time.

So, historically, Malaysia always survived any crisis 'thrown' at her. Yes, the cycle will go up soon enough. It is just a matter of time before market correction takes place. Either way, all problems has their solutions, as long as we keep focusing positively on the future.

Where do you see Focus Jadeline Sdn Bhd and in 10 years time.

Hopefully, not in another economic 'crisis' - ha-ha.

In 10 years time, we hope to be a global player, but more importantly, will be solidly part of Malaysia's construction industry flourishing landscape. Focus Jadeline is after all a 100 percent Malaysian company.

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Our Mission
Your Business Equalizer

Admit it. You know you have a product that will rock your customers; and a killer marketing campaign roaring to go. But is running low on solid customers leads. You want MyBina Project Leads solution series. Our in-house research team promises thoroughly researched data that will help your business bottom line without dishing out tons of money.

Our Work
Passion for accuracy and timeliness

At Focus Jadeline we all share a passion for what we do. We find that easy to do, because we understand the industry. And we trully believe that what we do makes a difference to the Malaysian Construction Industry.

Our Company
Malaysia's Own Home Grown Research Team

Our Company .... Malaysia's Own Home Grown Research Team We admit it. We are not a big regional company, yet. Nor do we have subsidiaries all over the world, yet. But we do have the best network in Malaysia, the best research team in Malaysia and of course - Who knows local information better than the local boys?

We are... Focus Jadeline Sdn Bhd

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