FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to several of the most commonly asked questions about MyBina. If you can't find the answer to your question here, try our online support for more options.

This is the most common problem among users. This may be caused by simultaneous log-in to the system using the same username and password or because user forgot to log-out from the system after using it.This is part of our security mechanism.

To unblock your account we advice you to use the account unblocking function through email, which allow you to unblock your account by clicking a link sent by the system to your email.To use this option, your mybina subscription account must have registered an email account in our database. Also note that the email sent contain hyperlinks therefore it might be filtered as spam and goes into your spam inbox. Please do check your spam inbox if you are unable to find the email in your regular inbox. Another option would be to call our office directly at  03 7845 1131/2131/4131 however this option would only be available  during our working days office hours (Monday - Friday, 9.00AM to 05:45PM)

First of all you should make sure your Internet Browser is the latest version. We recommend using the latest Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome . Using Internet Explorer is NOT recommended , however if you have no choice, make sure your internet explorer is the latest version or at least Version 10. Using outdated Internet Browser is not only causing performance issues but also exposing your computer to online threats such as viruses that could destroy important files in your computer.

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